Q. Where is Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts?

A. We are located in The Beverly Plaza, around the back, next to the Medical Testing Lab.

Q. Do you have a competition/performance company?

A. Yes! For more information, contact the director.

Q. What classes are available?

A. You will find a detailed description of our classes here.

Q. I'm an adult, can I still register for classes?

A. Yes! Beautiful Feet accepts dancers ages 1-100!

Q. I'm a beginner, is it too late for me to get involved in dance?

A. No! It's never too late! We're excited to have you!

Q. How can I get in touch with you?

A. Our contact information is available here.

Q. What is the schedule?

A. There is a spot on our registration form where you can tell us your level of experience in addition to the days and times you are unavailable. We will place you into a class accordingly. For special events, you can find our calendar here.

Q.  What are the tuition fees and how do I register?

A. You'll find those details here.

Q. What is the studio dress code?

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