Fall 2018 Rates and Registrations 
Class rates are monthly. Classes are held weekly. 
30 min. class -- $35
45 min. class -- $49
1 hr. class -- $55
1 ½ hr. class -- $59
For each additional class you take up to three there will be a $2 discount off your total. 
Each additional class after the third is $35 per month per student
Registration fee: $20 individual, $30 family -- registration fee is paid annually
Private instruction is available for $30 per hour
For fall registration form click here


Complete your registration form and mail to:

Beautiful Feet                                                                                                                                                    1075 Beaumont Drive                                                                                                                                    Casper, WY  82601

If you have any questions, please call director Julie Oliver at 307-277-8907

or e-mail julie@beautifulfeetdance.com